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Get out of your echo chamber

Sometimes comfort isn't what you need. As difficult as it can be, sometimes the cold, hard, truth is what you need to hear. We all have friends who think we are amazing (at least I hope we all have at least one friend like that). And that friend is the one who is by...

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What to expect when divorcing

Divorce is a "state level" action, meaning each state treats divorce differently. But the overall process is largely the same. Much like a drivers license is given by one state, it is honored in the others - same with divorce. Here's what to expect when divorcing:...

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Financial Wins And Woes

Not everyone is filthy rich, but you don’t need to be either. “Financial wellness” is based on your own personal (or family) needs. Financial Stability is like a seesaw and the initial goal is to keep the seesaw largely in the middle so both sides are equal. Both...

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Help with managing your emotions

Divorce can be an tremendously emotional experience. Good, bad, angry, whatever emotion you can think of, it probably comes up during divorce. One approach that can help you manage those emotions is to think of the divorce like a business transaction; something like...

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Who says?

Who says what is right and what is wrong? It's easy to let society's "norms" dictate how you should act, impact how you should feel, and all other aspects of your life. To some degree, that's ok. It's good to get along with "society" as a whole. But it's not always...

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Make your life better!

It's not always easy to see your way through the hard times. Everyone has been there.  But with conscious work, open discussion, and some proper goal setting, we can make positive changes. Realign your outlook to help open your mind and the opportunities ahead so you...

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